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    Posted on July 19, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    Susan asks…

    I need ideas for non-slip stair covering?

    We have beautiful hardwood stairs, but with three dogs over 130 lbs, it’s dangerous to leave it just as the wood as I don’t want anybody slipping and breaking a leg. I don’t want to put carpet down (we live upstairs in a double and they’re the stairs going from the upstairs apartment to downstairs and outside) because it will get all muddy and nasty in no time. I’m looking for something that is non-slip and somewhat easy to put in… I’ve been looking for like rubber stair covers I could just tack down, but anything I find is way too “industrial” looking and would make our house look weird.

    Any ideas?

    Chris answers:

    Most hardware stores sell rubber stair tread more suited for home use. I’ve used them in the past and the work well and look good.

    Sandy asks…

    Runner run on Hardwood stairs?

    We have a small set of stairs of 5. These stairs are quite wide leading up from a landing to living room. We have put a rug runner on there but my husband has decided he wants to put tiny nails in the runner directly into the hardwood floors. I think this is a very bad idea. Thoughts?? Is it ok to do this??

    Chris answers:

    A couple of choices. He can do that or rent a staple gun for a few hrs and do it like carpet layers do. Or you can get some stair rod that are decorative and they install in the corner were the tread meets the riser. This way you only need a few staples or nails at the top and bottom GL

    Chris asks…

    Pergo Laminated or Hardwood??

    Just got an estimate for my new flooring and not sure which one to get. I’ve got 4 messy boys and don’t want to worry about scratches or how my floors are going to look . Also the quote I got for the Pergo was $14,000 & for the hardwood was $18,000 for the living & dining room, 32 stairs and a bedroom. Is that a fair price?? Which one should I go with?

    When the installer demonstrated the scratch resistance of the Pergo, it was amazing. I got a key & ran it across the Pergo several times & no scratch. I did the same with the hardwood and it was mess.
    My mother had hardwood installed in her home about 3 years ago and ever since she’s done nothing but complain about how hard it is to take care of. There are so many scratches on it. She’s got area rugs all over the place just so the floor doesn’t get scratched.
    I don’t know anyone that has laminate floors, so I can’t compare, but I do love the look of my mom’s hardwood floors, but don’t like the work involved.
    I don’t know anyone that has laminate floors, so I can’t compare, but I do love the look of my mom’s hardwood floors, but don’t like the work involved.
    Thanks to everyone for their great comments so far. Just as an FYI, I don’t plan to sell my home and may even rent it out in the the 10 years. And actually the cost of Pergo & hardwood is not that much, compared to purchasing cars costing $40,000+ and possesing them for only 5 years or so.

    Chris answers:

    In a home as active as yours I would definitely recommend laminate(Pergo). Especially if your floor developing “character” over time is an issue. You could always go with a harder species of wood….say a Brazilian Cherry or Brazilian Oak…then, even in an active household you might see scratches not in the wood, but in the urethane.

    Sounds like a fair price…my concern is what is he putting on the stairs. Laminate is a floating floor…and at NO time should be used on stairs. Gluing them to the treads and attaching a stair nose…is not recommended in the directions…because it is a floating floor, and will not behave properly when glued down. A prefinished hardwood can be glued to the stairs with a stair nosing…but the BEST way is a solid stair tread. A solid piece of wood…stained to blend with your laminate.

    Please be wary of anyone suggesting laminate on stairs!

    Your mother can have her floors “buff and coated”….the top layer of urethane knocked off and a new coat applied. That will take care of her surface scratching. Since it’s not getting into the wood…she could do this every year if she wanted to. Usually runs around $1.00 a square foot…and if done in the morning …she would be back on them late that evening.

    If you have any other questions, please drop me an email.

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