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    Posted on July 20, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    Daniel asks…

    Cost of Re-staining/Re-finishing Maple Hardwood in North Chicago Suburbs?

    Just put offer on house with ~ 1200 sqft of light maple hardwood. We would like the hardwood to be a bit darker, and if the cost is managable i would like to do so before we move our thngs and family in. Does anyone have a realistic cost of adding a darker stain to these floors? There is a short entry, maybe 5×5, and a conservative estimate of 1150 sqft plus stairs to the 2nd floor. Any recommendations and advice would be appreciated… we tenatively close the 3rd week in Feb, so we have about 8 days that the house can be vacant..

    Chris answers:

    The average price to refinish the floors would be $2.50-$3.00 per square foot. This would be probably 5 days of work, probably 3 for sanding, 1 day for stain, next day coat, new day coat. You could start calling around now getting quotes.

    Helen asks…

    Which apartment seems better between these two?

    Apartment A- $1,300 a month,
    huge apt in a walk up building, and tenant pays gas and electricity
    3 closets, beautiful hardwood floors, nice and quiet building, parking is kind of tight and on the street

    Apt. A is in a very nice and clean neighborhood; one block from subway station and buses; and near a lot of good stores and restaurants; nice people in the neighborhood

    Apartment B- $1,250 a month in an elevator building and everything is new, beautiful floors, 4 closets

    tenant only pays electricity (landlord handles everything else)

    public transportation is quite far (closes train almost one mile and closest bus is almost half a mile); no stores or restaurants very close but neighborhood is clean, quiet and residential.
    Parking is tight (but there is a garage in the building for $125 additional a month)

    Which one sounds better? A or B?
    Oh, another thing:

    Apartment A- car insurance decreases $200 a year in that zip code

    Apartment B- car insurance increases almost $400 a year
    Apt A is on a quiet street but it is accessible. These are good quality stores and restaurants in the neighborhood. Nothing rowdy or obnoxious.

    Chris answers:

    Well, it depends. I prefer A. The only bad thing about it is the tight parking and having to walk up stairs instead of taking an elevator to get to your apartment.

    A is close to a subway and buses, really good if you don’t plan on driving. Plus it’s cheaper to use public transportation (preferably subway but buses are okay). And you have good stores and restaurants that I assume are in walking distance. That’s a great combination for someone looking to shop & eat close to home. Still, with public transportation close by and a lot of stores/restaurants, I have a feeling that a lot of people must be in that area. Meaning that it must not be that quiet. Electricity and gas really doesn’t cost that much if you use it wisely and only when you need to. And Apartment A is only $50 dollars more than Apt. B, which isn’t really a big difference.

    The interior of both apartments seem to be about the same, but if I had to choose, A would win me over. Cause it’s just close to public transportation and shopping/eating. B sounds like it’s somewhere in the suburbs. By any chance, are you living or moving to NYC?

    Edit: And for B car insurance increases by $400 a year?! That’s insane. Sure, the garage for an extra $125 a month is okay since it seems like you’d be paying that much for electricity/gas combined in Apt. A. But, w/ the added $400 to your car insurance, do you think living in B is really worth it?

    William asks…

    How much should it cost to remove a non-load bearing wall/?

    I have a wall that separates the stairs from the living room. I want to remove the wall to give the space a larger feel. After having a General Contractor look at the space, he determined that the wall is not load bearing. The wall is approximately 6 feel long and 8 feet tall. He will replace the wall with a banister that will match the hardwood floors, and paint the living room and stairwell one consistent color. I live in the DC metro area. He gave me an estimate of $5000. Based on a couple of websites I’ve been to, it looks like this is a little high, but not unreasonable. I’m wondering what you all think.

    Chris answers:

    A LITTLE high, yes!
    I can see about $2500, or 3 grand, tops!

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