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    Sharon asks…

    my brother had my mp3 player and when i got it back it won’t come on what should i do?

    Chris answers:

    Take all his money and buy another one.

    That what I did to my sister when she broke my ipod touch. She threw it down the stairs (which is hardwood) and it broke. But she only had 200 dollars and it cost 400. I took it anyway lol.

    Sandy asks…

    What small-cost things can we do to increase the property value of our condo?

    My boyfriend and I just bought a condo in October. We’re 21 years old and we have enough money to pay for the bills, the mortgage, and only a small amount to put away into savings.

    Our condo was built in 1982 and the previous owners were original. They did NOTHING to update the place.

    The whole place was carpeted in old yellowish sourt of shaggy carpet. The walls are all white with very dark brown-wood trim around the bottom…the brown trim is everywhere, around the doors, on the windowsills, going up the stairs
    The kitchen floor was stained vynal, peeling up under the cabinents…
    We have 2 bathrooms. 1 full 1 half. The vanity’s have the clam-shell sinks and very out of date cabinents. The toilets are mis-matched (beige toilet with white seat/cover)..the bathtub is clearly original to the house (it actually had a crack in it that our bilding inspecitor missed. Luckily my boyfriend is certified in fiberglass repair). Both bathrooms have real tile floors.

    The first thing I did before moving in was the floors. We wanted hardwood in the livingroom, bedrooms, stairs, hallway…
    to our dismay, we had several flooring companies tell us that because of the way our place settled, the we can not do hardwood or tile. So unfortinuately we had to pick out new carpets. We did a light beige, and a shade of green for the stairs/upstairs hallway (green sounds terrible but it contrasts nicely with the beige)…

    ANYWAYS… We’re planning on staying here for a while. About 10 years. Hopefully 10 years from now the economy wont be so terrible and the house values will rise.
    Though hardwood would’ve been better, one thing we’ll do before we sell is get new carpets put in AGAIN (10 years of ware on the carpets, i’m sure it’ll be time for new ones for the next people. Unless they’re not that bad – then maybe we can just get them professionally cleaned)..

    What else should we do? Should we get new trim throughout the house and go with white?
    I painted the living room a very neutral light ‘walnut’ shade..kind of beige, kind of a little deeper than beige.. it warmed things up a little.

    One thing we’re deffinately going to do is get a new vanity, bathtub, and toilet in the upstairs bathroom. If we do the upstairs full bath do we have to do the downstairs half bath? Its very small and really not too bad.

    Its so intimidating. We want to make a profit on this when we sell but we really dont have that much $ to put into the place. Plus we dont want to put more in than we’ll get back. Maybe its better that we didnt get hardwood floors because this area isnt a very high-end area.

    For the kitchen,
    We got new vynal flooring (not carpet in the kitchen)… the countertop is really out of date as well as the cabinents. We’re not sure if we should replace the cabinents all together or if we should just paint them. We were going to paint them white but the walls are white.

    If we keep the walls white should we just have somebody re-stain the wood cabinents to spruse them up a little?

    the kitchen is small, like a galley kitchen.
    As far as appliances..we just got a new dishwasher. The refridgerator is pretty new, but the oven/stove is very old! We’ll probably be getting a new stove within the next 2 years.

    What type of counter top is cheep but nice?

    Chris answers:

    First you are watching too many fix up the home shows with large budgets, second if you are going to be there for 10 years or more make it what you want. Yes you could still have hardwood, it just would have been very expensive leveling off the floor. You can get laminate counter tops and put them in yourself it is not hard. Cabinets are most likely not stained wood, but particleboard with a laminate covering which means staining is out of the question. So paint the cabinets and get new hardware for them. If you want them white change the color of the walls and accent them. My kitchen is a sand color, with a redwood laminate floor (yes peel and stick squares) with the wall above the cabinets a maroon, with oak cabinets looks good. Top shelf no cannot afford that but you can still make things look nice. Remember the biggest part of making money on a home is location, you can have the best of everything in your home but if the location is not the best, or it is overdone compared to the other homes in the area you will never get your money back, so as I stated, make the home fit you

    Richard asks…

    Home Improvement Costs?

    We want to put an offer on a foreclosed home. The home needs minor repairs + some cosmetic changes to suit our needs and wants. Can someone give rough idea about following things?
    1. Replacing broken slats of a wooden blind.
    2. Refinishing worn hardwood (area around 700 sq. ft)
    3. Putting a new hardwood floor (matching with the existing one- is it possible??) in family room ( 250 sq ft)
    4. Changing wooden balusters to metal ones on the stair.
    5. Painting golden door fixtures to silver ones? ( please give me the paint type and brand)
    6 Can we put a glass panel in the existing front door?
    We are going to get an estimate from a general contractor once we buy a house but right now we are just thinking about buying so I need some very basic information on these repairs.
    Thank You.
    house itself costs $ 330000. Which currency are you taking about?

    I need little bit more information on this.

    Chris answers:

    You can paint your door Knobs silver but they will fail horribly, you are best to replace them.

    If they are blinds, just replace them. If they are wooden shutters you can probably get them repaired for around 75 hr.

    Figure a hundred bucks a linear foot on railings.

    Figure 3 bucks a foot on the floor.

    I have no idea what wood flooring you have, hard to say what replacing 250 ft. Would cost, you might consider replacing the whole thousand ft. Then you could have your choice of flooring.

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