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    Posted on July 14, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    Paul asks…

    Home remodeling question(s)!!?

    Me and my boyfriend are getting a house here in the near future. We decided it needed the follwing upgrades:

    Hardwood floors (or laminate that LOOKS like hard wood) in the living room and hallways

    Laminate in the kitchen

    New carpet on the stairs to the basement

    New countertops

    & paint.

    If you know anything about this could you please give me a rough estimate? I don’t know very many details obviously…just trying to see how much money we are going to have to spend on this.

    Thank you so much!!

    Chris answers:

    I would avoid the laminate in the kitchen. Some people may disagree with me, but I have it and hate it. Hardwood and Laminate aren’t the best choice in areas where there is dampness or running water – it can warp and the edges split. I am experiencing that in front of my kitchen sink. For the other areas, if you can afford the hard wood instead of the laminate (no matter how nice it looks), I think you’ll be happier with it. The next kitchen floor I get is called Versital Shale Slate – it is expensive, but is industrial grade. It is a linoleum type of tile that looks and even feels like slate. It is absolutely gorgeous.
    As for the carpet on the basement stairs, I would recommend a tightly woven Berber in a medium tone as it will probably get a lot of traffic along with wear. As for the countertops, you don’t have to go top of the line, but don’t go rock-bottom cheap either. Go in a medium tone preferably with some sort of pattern. Stay away from Corian – isn’t worth the money.
    As for the price – have someone from Home Depot or Lowe’s come out and measure and give you a quote based upon some things you have picked out. It will probably cost you about $30 to $40 to have them come out, but they will credit it back to you if you purchase the supplies from them.

    Carol asks…

    cutting stair nose help?

    I’m trying to cut off stair nosing so i can install new wood stair treads.

    all the tips online are suggesting to cut the nose flush with the current stair riser.

    However most of my current stair risers are not straight, some are concave up to 1/2″, and some are off at an angle from wall string to wall string.

    should i just cut off the nose in a straight line perpendicular with the wall strings and leave some of the overhang? or try to cut it flush with the old risers?

    either way i’ll have some space between the old and new riser if i attempt to install the new risers stright, what do i fill the space with?

    Chris answers:

    If i understand what you are trying to do I guess you have taken carpet off of rough stairs and want to put hardwood on. Honestly, if everything is as far off as it sounds, I would rip the stairs out and make new stringers and everything. It wouldn’t cost much as compared with the cost of all new hardwood you are putting on.
    If you don’t want to do that, then I would cut the nosing off flush with the old riser. Then when you put the new on over it, you will need to shim them straight with tapered shims. When you use the tapered shims, you put two together with tapers opposite. Then you can slide them to get the exact thickness you need.

    Ken asks…

    Cherry wood, how much would it cost?

    We live in South Florida (just in case anyone has ever installed cherry wood in this area) and I’m wondering how much it would cost to lay authentic Brazilian cherry wood flooring down? I would say it’s about 500 sq ft and this includes less than 20 steps.

    Trying to decide over real cherry wood or laminate cherry wood. I prefer real, but my bank account may not! So if anyone can compare the two in actual material cost, installation, how they look and how they last, I would appreciate it.

    We also have three cats if that factors in.

    Thanks in advance
    The area is about 500 sq feet (its a hallway upstairs) and this includes about 20 steps!

    Chris answers:

    Expect to pay around $9.00 a foot installed for the real wood. Stairs run around 85 a piece for tread and riser.
    Laminate will be around $5.50 a foot installed, but the stairmoulding isn’t cheap and doesn’t perform well. You could do a combo and still get a nice look. Cats won’t affect either floor. Real wood adds value, laminate not really. Both are durable, but the laminate surface is more resistant to scratching. Real cherry will darken with time, lam won’t. Try national carpet brokers in fla. As a supplier they’re in Tequesta? Something like that! Yes they sell hardwood.

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