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    Posted on July 15, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    Maria asks…

    Did the pope really say that America is being attacked by Satan?

    Someone told me this and I was rolling on the floor laughing my @$$ off.

    Chris answers:


    Since he’s as deluded as the rest of the Christians, I’m not surprised.


    Donna asks…

    How can Badminton achieve the same popularity as basketball in America?

    Badminton is the 2nd most popular sport played in the world. Yet in the United States very few Americans consider it anything more than a leisure backyard activity. When in fact it is the fastest racquet sport in existence and is also now an Oympic sport. Pro level badminton tournaments are played in many states at colleges and private clubs. I want badminton to become mainstream. Every high school and middle school should have a badminton team and competitons. Every park and recreation center should offer indoor badminton. No gym should be constructed without badminton lines on the floor and holes for net supports. How can that happen? How can badminton be as popular as basketball? And why isn’t it listed in yahoo’s list of sports!!!!!

    Chris answers:

    Hey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE badminton!! It’s one of my favorite things to watch and play. I don’t know, Americans just like very physical sports. You know, sports that involve damage of the brain and breaking of the neck. It’s quite pathetic, if you think about it. I mean, those athletes are like ancient gladiators, destroying their bodies for superficial wealth and trapped in a life where ppl. Can get mad at them for not running into the other guy hard enough.
    I don’t know, I HOPE that Americans would start watching badminton.

    Michael asks…

    Do you think it’s sneaky for California lawmakers to pass bill for biggest tax increase in America on Saturday?

    when nobody reports it in the news or follows the news, then on Monday it’ll be too late to speak up about it? That’s what Washington did with all the spending bills, passing them over the weekend when C-Span wasn’t recording them on the floor, and now CA is doing the same, increasing the sales tax by 17% and adding tax on tax – we have to pay 2.5% tax on taxes due which is BS also car registration taxes quadrupling and tons of other taxes, while spending and waste isn’t getting cut instead.
    um, government offices are normally closed on weekends so why would I be complaining about something stupid like that?

    Chris answers:

    Why am I getting the feeling that if they hadn’t done this on Saturday, you’d be complaining that they took the weekend off? ?°)

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