• Questions About Floor Mats

    Posted on July 16, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    William asks…

    Anybody used Weathertech floor mats in a 08 Accord?

    Just wanted to know if they fit and if they are good quality all weather floor mats. Any other floor mat recommendations?
    Do they fit the new accord well? I have heard Weathertech has had some issues with the mats fitting properly in some models.

    Chris answers:

    I live in New Hampshire and I have weather tech floor liners in all of my vehicles with floor mats on top of those, including a New Accord. They keep the water in the liner and the carpets practially new looking they are worth the money!!

    Daniel asks…

    Where can I order factory replacement floor mats for my Mazda pickup?

    I just bought a 98 Mazda B-series pickup, but I’m missing the driver’s side floor mat. The mat on the passenger side has the Mazda logo embroidered into it so I know it has to be factory. Where can I order an exact set of these tan carpet mats? I’ve tried the official Mazda store, but they only sell shirts and whatnot.

    Chris answers:

    Try the dealer

    Ken asks…

    A site that you can get custom Floor Mats,Car seat covers and Steering wheel covers?

    I want to get my car new seat covers,steering wheel cover and floor mats with my nickname on each of them,are there any sites where your can be able to completely personalize and cuztomize these things to say whatever you want.

    Chris answers:

    Try jcwhitney.com

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