• Questions About Floor Lamps

    Posted on July 13, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    George asks…

    Can I buy different light covers for my Room Essentials floor lamp?

    I have one of those floor lamps with four different neck lamps that you can move around. They have multiple colored removable covers over the lights and they don’t match my room anymore. Does anyone know if I can buy different colored covers insead of the entire lamp?

    Chris answers:


    Michael asks…

    is this a feminine or masculine style, light blue floor lamps, white art deco sofa, light blue rug? or unisex?

    Chris answers:

    It would be fine for either gender.

    Ken asks…

    Can someone recommend me a good ambient floor lamp for my dorm room?

    I am moving into a much much bigger dorm room compared to the one I stayed in last year, and I was considering of adding an ambient floor lamp to provide some atmosphere to my pad. I was considering something like these.


    I am NOT necessarily looking for a super powerful lamp, just something to add a splash of color and mood to when I turn off the regular lights.

    What I actually would really love is for a lamp that could somehow change color maybe by replacing the outside “shell” with a different one. Does anyone know of CHEAP lamps that could do that? I would appreciate any other recommendations you guys have.

    Chris answers:

    Fontana Arte….


    This one changes color……


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