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    Posted on July 18, 2015 by in Questions About Hardwood Flooring

    Mary asks…

    How do I go about looking for apartments to rent?

    Will be out of college in May and will be looking for my very first apartment ever. I want an apartment that is part of a house (as in a floor of a three decor, etc.) but when I search apartments online, only apartments in apartment buildings/complexes show up. Why? How can I search for a specific kind of apartment and how can I figure out how much I can afford to spend? My starting salary will be about 35k a year.

    Chris answers:

    Most apartments that are part of a home are rented out by the person that owns it. Private rentals are rarely on any of those apartment websites. The private owners are less likely to spend the money on advertising. Private rentals are typically only found on craigslist & the local paper.

    Joseph asks…

    How can you make purple and red sponged walls work in a dining room with Arabesque decor.?

    All other rooms in my home are cream with beige tile. Most have either red or purple accents. The dining room is situated in the middle of the house. I figured combining the two (red, purple) could be dramatic, maybe even a Moroccan flair. I know this could go beautifully well or tragically wrong. Any suggestions? I have yet to pick furniture so it’s an open canvas. Much of my artwork is black with gold accents. The floor is a neutral beige ceramic tile.

    Chris answers:

    Painting your walls with a flat off white does two things off the bat: it is neutral so you can put any color furniture and other decors in there with the option of changing color schemes in the future without having to repaint, and lighter walls reflect light better thus high wattage light bulbs won’t be necessary which prevents you from using more energy and paying higher utility bills. Painting walls in a room in certain color combinations limits you to few themes and commits you for a long time to small decor choices. So forget colored and go for white.

    Robert asks…

    I’m moving into a bachelor suite and would like some suggestions for decor?

    there’s a slight nook for my bedroom furniture set (vanity/headboard/bed), am considering finding a floor flutter screen for some privacy/separation. Already have a huge 3-seater futon, but need to purchase all other furniture. Any space-saving suggestions or pieces I should look for that could function for everyday and entertaining (i don’t do huge gatherings, but usually several friends). hope this makes sense, and any suggestions would be appreciated!

    Chris answers:

    A folding table big enough to entertain but small enough to be out of the way when folded away.

    A “cupboard” for your tv/music with doors that can shut it away when you want to hide it!

    Under bed drawers for extra hidden storage.

    Go for light colours to create a more spacious feel.

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