Wholesale Carpet, Why Not?

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Carpets are an expensive investment, consumers pay anywhere from twenty dollars to three hundred dollars a square yard, so why not try a wholesale carpet. Carpets are the number one way to add visual and physical warmth and charm to your home. Carpeting can easily run you into thousands of dollars. Dalton, Georgia is the carpet capital of the world. What better place to find top wholesale carpets sellers, and wholesale carpet mills?

Internet searches for wholesale carpets leads you back time and time again to all the top venders in Dalton, Georgia.

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Either the manufacturer themselves are located there, or they purchase the carpet they offer from someone in Dalton, Georgia. You can't get away from it the best carpets, wholesale or not are found in this carpet capital.

If you decide you don't want wholesale carpet why not try wholesale carpet tile. Carpet tile is eighteen by eighteen-inch carpet squares. Carpet tiles come in various thickness, patterns, and hundreds of colors. You can buy them two ways. Dry backed, which needs adhesive or self-sticking. Installing carpet tiles makes repairing damaged or


worn area of carpeting much easier. Which is also more cost effective as you can replace only the carpet tile or tiles that are bad instead of tearing out the entire room. If you do chose to buy carpet tiles be sure to buy extra squares the same time you have your room carpeted. Tiles purchases later will most certainly be a slightly different shade.

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