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If you are in the market for new carpets you are probably already aware of Empire Carpets which offers convenient in home shopping services, quick installation, and low warehouse pricing. That's why they are one of the most popular choices by consumers. So what does Empire Carpets have to offer in the way of products?

Empire Carpets has been in business for 45 years and is a family owned business that operated out of Chicago. They don't just offer carpets to the consumer, but rather they have all your home decor needs covered.

  • 1. Carpet

  • 2. Flooring

  • 3. Window Treatments

  • 4. No clog gutters

  • 5. Bath liners

  • 6. Custom windows

  • 7. Vinyl siding

Empire Carpets is one of the leaders in the home improvement and home furnishing industry. They offer a full line of home products for your home. And they have a wide selection of quality name brand carpeting such as Mohawk, Shaw, and Coronet. What's even better is that they come to you. They'll bring along samples and you can try them in your room, see how they look. A much better way to shop for carpets! No more guessing if you are making the right choice. Empire carpets knows how to server their customers.

Here are just a few of the carpet options you have with Empire:

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Textured carpets provide a very decorative addition to your room and are appropriate for casual or formal settings. This cut pile carpeting is very versatile, comfortable, and warm, adding a flair of its own to the room.


Plush is just what it says plush. This style of carpet is luxurious and so classy. They provide smooth, clean finishes that are soft and inviting and are a perfect choice for a dining room or living room.


Saxonies are distinct in that they are made of pencil point yarn with an added twist which creates a very trendy casual look. Perfect for the modern decor.


Berber carpets are durable and stay looking new and fresh for a long time. They are made of wool with a natural loop so they are an excellent choice if there are allergies in your home. Available in a wide range of natural earth tones and multi colored tones. Because of the tight loop they hide vacuum marks and footprints very well. An excellent choice for a heavy traffic room such as a living room, rec room, or family room.


Loop carpets are perfect for an information arrangement such as basements, offices, or even the kid's play room. There is a wide selection of multi color choices as well as solids to


choose from.


Friezes is just a little out of the ordinary adding not only a touch of class but also a little jazz to the room. It is made from a yarn that is tightly twisted so shows minimal vacuum marks or footprints.

Indoor Outdoor

Indoor outdoor carpet is one of the most versatile carpets on the market. Perfect for pool decks, porches, spas, work shops, sun rooms, or any place where moisture, dampness, or water are a factor. Indoor outdoor carpet has come a long way from the traditional golf course green of a few decades ago. Now you've got a wide range of colors to choose from.

If you are in the market for new carpets just like their commercials say Empire Carpets can offer you a pleasant buying experience from the comfort of your home. Why not give them a call?


John Murray makes it easy to go through the carpet buying process and provides tips to keep your carpet lasting long. To learn more and receive your free mini-course visit the carpet rugs website

About the author:

John Murray is an award winning interior designer, self taught know-it-all and author. He makes the carpet buying process simple and provides all the tricks and tips to keep your carpets lasting longer, quickly & easily.

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