Use Your Floor To Enhance Your Décor

Flooring is such an important aspect in the design and functionality of your home. Below you'll find an article about one aspect of flooring, something we at Forever Floors have put together to help your gather information necessary for making your own personal flooring decisions.

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Your flooring is a vital part of your decorating scheme.

You want your floor to blend into your rooms decor and enhance it, not detract from it so you need to put in a flooring that is appropriate to the style of the room. If you have a shabby chic style room, you’ll want soft flooring such as wall to wall in a matching color or oriental style area rugs over hard wood floors – nothing too harsh or sharp in the pattern. A modern or retro style might go great with a bold splashy area rug. A contemporary style might look good with a simple rug over hard wood floors.

When selecting flooring, pick out a color and pattern that goes with the colors of

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your furniture, wall coverings and window treatments. In certain designs, a complimentary color looks nice on the floor, but you don’t really want it to stand out too much so something that blends is usually best. If you can, take home samples and put them up next to the walls and furniture to see how it might look.

Don’t skimp on your flooring budget – cheap flooring won’t last long and won’t look as good. In the long run buying quality flooring will save you since it will last longer. You may be able to save a bit if you install it yourself, however, this can actually end up costing you more as you may use more materials than a professional and it


might end up not looking nearly as good! You’ve spent a lot on the flooring materials so it doesn’t make sense to ruin the floor with a cheap install!

One way to insure you never get bored with your flooring is to choose a neutral tile or hardwood floor and decorate with accent rugs. You can change the rugs out per season, or when you get bored with the others and you don’t have to worry if one gets stained as they are easy to replace.

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