The Versatility Of Vinyl And Tile Floors

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The flooring of a home is one of the largest parts of the house that needs constant cleaning because of its exposure to high people traffic. No matter where the floor is located, it is always that part that is trodden upon and stepped on by occupants of an abode.

Since floors are always exposed to dirt and wear and tear, every homeowner must take proper care in deciding on the type of flooring he would install for the different parts of the house.

Homeowners today are lucky because they can choose from a variety of flooring materials like wood, cement or even ceramic or vinyl tile. Ceramic or vinyl tiles are the top choice for home owners who want floorings that are beautiful, not so expensive and are easy to maintain.

The fact that ceramic and vinyl tiles are available now in almost all designs, textures and color makes them an ideal choice not only as flooring but also as walling material. The

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versatility of tiles allow for a thousand and one ways of using it either in floors or even in walls.

Glazed ceramic tiles are durable and are easy to care for since stains and dirt on them can easily be removed with water. There are ceramic tiles that are easily scratched but Grade 111 glazed ceramic tiles are scratch resistant. The same goes for glazed ceramic tiles that are classified as Grade 1V. Unlike other flooring materials, ceramic tiles do not easily get burned and does not accumulate moisture.

Aside from making sure they are glazed and scratch-free, go for ceramic tiles that are not slippery, thick and are compatible with your room size.

When using tiles for a small room, it is best to choose big tiles since they have fewer grout lines and are less busy. Fewer grout lines create an illusion and will make the room appear more spacious and larger.

It is also important to take note of the classification of ceramic tiles


because these indicate their wear and tear capability. When a tile is classified as (0) by the Porcelain Enamel Institute, then this means the tile is not very durable while a PEI classification of (5) means it is very durable. The number classifications show the sturdiness of the tiles when confronted with high people traffic. The higher the number classification, the greater the tile's ability to outlast wear and tear. The aesthetic and manufacturing quality of the tiles should also be of primary consideration.

A creative homeowner can instruct the installers to install the tiles in such a way that it will form a pattern. Using different tile designs on a particular corner of the floor can create wonderful designs.

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