Rug Royalty: The Karastan Carpet.

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Known throughout the world, the Karastan carpet is the premiere manufacturer and designer of the finest area rugs. They are the top-notch broadloom carpets for residential use. The Marshall Field's Company first started selling Karastan carpets in 1928. It was the first and only American rug having the exact appearance of a pure Persian rug in design, pile, color, and luster.

The story of the Karastan carpet isn't just about how they perform, but also how they look. They are top of the line and feature 100% pure New Zealand wool, the finest in the world. The Karastan carpet can be used side by side with fine Persian rugs in perfect decorative harmony.
They are marvelous reproductions of

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fine oriental rugs.

The beauty behind the Karastan carpet is the use of non-fading dyestuffs and a special "luster wash" from a power loom. This process produces the rug with a soft back that will show pile yarns like the hand-woven originals of the Orient.

The Karastan carpet has proven to be the most enduring rug under very torturous conditions. In 1933-34 at the World's Fair, Karastan allowed the public to walk over the carpet to prove its durability. Afterwards, when the Fair was over, they cleaned one half of the rug and left the other half dirty. The public was astonished the carpet was returned to its original condition. They repeated the demo again in 1939-40 at the New York


World Fair to prove it wasn't a fluke.

It is very possible to afford a Karastan carpet. Though they look like a million dollars, they are attainable. There are many stores and outlets to visit, however, you can also purchase one on the internet. On many web-sites you can get a Karastan carpet discount and up to 70% off
the regular price. Other discounts may be free shipping or a free felt pad. Whichever way you choose to purchase a Karastan carpet, it is well worth the investment.

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