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This article is written by a pro of refinishing hardwood floors since I have done too many to count. Maybe 300 would be a good guess. 

My father was in the business full time (as well as aluminum windows and doors (which I'll write another article about that soon) and while I attended college, and for a short time after, I worked with him as well as on my own refinishing hardwood floors.

In fact, I just did my mother-in-law's last summer and my back still hurts!

Before you even think of starting this DIY project, you need to be fairly good shape. There is a lot of bending, kneeling and scraping :(

Ok, you still are here reading so I guess you are serious :o)

Here are the easy? steps to a beautiful, shiny hardwood floor:

1. Determine what kind of finish you would like first. There are a couple choices, low gloss and high gloss. It's strictly taste as they both wear the same. I prefer a

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polyurethane paint but some like varnishes. I found urethane to be a durable finish and won't yellow over time. Look for 'non-yellowing' on the can. 

2. Go to your local hardware store that carries floor sanders, edger sander, pain scrapers, sandpaper (medium) and the floor paint. 

3. Prepare your floor by filling in any blemishes, depressions, cracks and nail holes.

4. Sweep and then vacuum floor. (at this point I would hang a plastic sheet over any door openings if the door has been removed (new construction etc).

5. Sand main floor being careful to keep sander going in same direction. Start with a coarse sandpaper and switch to finer for second sanding. The first sanding is to get to bare wood and the second for a finished look.

6. Sand the edges. The trick here is to use a fairly light touch and rotate the sander in semi-circle reducing sand marks.

7. Now the fun part. Take your scraper in scrape


the corners and under heaters. Don't worry about under heaters too much as it won't be that noticeable.

8. Whew! The hard part is done. Now the fun part. Sweep and vacuum floor and if you see a swirl or sanding marks scrape the out. 

9. Put the sealer down. Wait at least 2 hours, hand sand the whole floor, vacuum and apply the urethane. If you don't have air conditioning, put a fan on the floor to dry it quicker.

10. I usually waited at least 4-5 hours for it dry, most of the time overnight. I recommend at least 2 coats of urethane for a durable, hard finish. 

You're done! Wow not so bad was it? 

Oh yeah,

Email me for a chiropractor :o)

About The Author

Dan Farrell is the owner of where you can get a free closet organizer plan and other home improvement ideas and articles.

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