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Carpets and Carpeting have evolved from the time that prehistoric man used animal skins to adorn his cave abode to today where we have quality Mohawk carpets. Mohawk carpet manufacturing today is a mix of old-world craftsmanship involving weaving and 21st century innovation for producing tufted carpets that are more resilient and need less maintenance. Carpets can be woven by hand or by machine; whereas tufting is invariably by machine and use computers to determine patterns, styles, construction and density. Special needs decide the way a carpet is constructed, for example, a cut-pile carpet is more durable whereas the loop-pile is easy to clean. The health-conscious amongst us can rest assured that carpets emit very low levels of volatile organic compounds and trap mites, dust and allergens and

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maintain a safer air quality. One can be doubly sure, of course, by buying a green label carpet. But in the case of commercial carpets, the needs are somewhat different. Static control, acoustic effect, soil masking and flammability, for instance. are absolute requirements here. Mohawk, Shaw, Beaulieu and Saxony are among the larger and more popular carpet brands available.

Let Mohawk Tommy essay your lifestyle.

Carpeting your home is like essaying your lifestyle; and Mohawk Carpets go a long way to help you accomplish that. In 1839, U.S. manufacturer Erastus Bigelow invented the power loom for weaving carpets. 39 years later, the four Shuttleworth brothers brought 14 used carpet looms from England to Amsterdam, N.Y. and launched one of the biggest carpet empires in the world – the


Georgia-based Mohawk Carpet Mills Inc. Today they have the Aladdin, WundaWeve, CustomWeave and Horizon brands for your home and the Durkan, Bigelow, and Karastan brands for your commercial needs. While a Mohawk Commercial Carpet guarantees a 21 year lifecycle, their Aladdin Collection with its highly functional construction using nylon, polyester and PET, and value-priced line makes it a popular choice in home offices and family rooms. Little wonder then, that Mohawk Tommy their cute mascot smugly presides over his empire as it emerges as a leading carpet producer through to the 21st century.

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