Cleaning Pet Stains Out of Carpet

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Pet odor and stain removal from carpet does not require the help of a professional…

Pet odor and stain removal from carpet does not require the help of a professional…As a carpet cleaning company, we receive calls every day in regards to how to get a stain out. One of the more “popular” problems we see is how to remove dog or cat urine from carpet. When your special family member does have his little (or not so little) accidents, the most important thing is getting it up immediately. Of course, this is not always possible, often we do not find our gifts until after work or even the next day.

When this happens, the urine has soaked not only into the carpet face and backing but also into the pad that lies underneath and sometimes even into the slab. At this point, we have two options.

The first method is to pour a gallon of 50% water and 50% vinegar (white) onto the carpet and let it set for a couple of minutes. The vinegar helps to break up the urine salts and basically liquefy the

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dried urine. After, you let it set, you need to get it out. This is where a wet-vac comes in handy.

Using a good wet-vac, you need to extract all the liquid in the carpet and the pad, this can be accomplished by applying lots of pressure with the wand or hose and do a small spot at a time. After you feel you have the majority of it up, you need to repeat the above steps using another gallon of 100% water to act as a rinse.

A second method is one of the more successful ways of dealing with the problem but also the most difficult. Using this method, you will need to pull the carpet back (carpet is bound on the edges using a tact strip of nails) then cut out the soiled pad.

After the pad is removed, clean the soiled spot of the carpet with a good carpet shampooer, front and back. Also, you will need to treat the slab or wood sub floor with bleach then put in new carpet pad (can be purchased at most big boxes). Replace the soiled pad and use regular masking tape to tape the top of the new pad with the


existing undamaged pad.

Last you need to put the carpet back on the tact by stretching it to the edges and pressing it back down onto the strips. This last method is best if only used when the stain is near the edges of a room. If the stain is in the middle or near a doorwayHealth Fitness Articles, you are going to have a tough time getting the carpet back in tight which will result in it possibly wrinkling later on.

We hope our tips help you keep your carpet in the best shape possible for many years to come.

Gary Andrews has over 45 years experience in cleaning carpet and is the founder of Andrews Carpet Cleaning.

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