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As a consumer, if you live in the Dallas Texas area, you are at a great advantage for carpet cleaning services.

The one really bad thing for a reputable 13 year carpet cleaning veteran, like myself is a term called "market saturation." What is it? It is when a profession, specific field, or industy becomes too competitive.

Such is the case with carpet cleaning services in Dallas Texas. There are too many carpet cleaning companies fighting for a very small piece of an already tiny pie. It also makes it harder to convince the customer that you are honest, ethical and the only company they need to take care of their cleaning services.

Unfortunately, many people starting out in the carpet cleaning business are relatively inexperienced. They

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often have no idea how to market and manage their business, which in turn leads to unhappy customers.

The only other alternative is to educate the consumer on carpet cleaning services, so they know who and what to look for when it is time to clean their carpet.

1. Never go with the lowest price. (This will only cause you to spend more money when you have to hire another company to do it right.)

2. Always get a price commitment from the company before they come to clean your home. (Or at least a ballpark estimate that they won't go over.)

3. Try to find a company where an experienced owner/operator is performing the work. (Typically, this will produce the best carpet cleaning results. Nobody cares more about their work and company as


much as the owner.)

4. Make sure that your carpet cleaning comes with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee. (Ex. An existing spot returns in your den after cleaning. The warranty should cover a return trip to clean over the spot again for free.)

Obviously, these are not all the things you should look for when getting your carpet cleaned, but they are some of the most important issues.

Cleaning your carpet isn't rocket science, but the person performing the work is extremely important. Carpet is a big investment for a home and should be treated as such.
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Bobby Walker 13 Year Carpet Cleaning Veteran Owner/Carpet Cleaning of Dallas

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