Carpet Cleaning Safety

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Unfortunately carpets will get dirty. Carpets and rugs take a lot of abuse so it's inevitable that they are going to have to be cleaned at some point and time. Carpet cleaning products do contain toxic chemicals and are not always listed on the label for various reasons.

Spot removers are typically the most dangerous and a lot of times they contain solvents. The purpose in the solvent ingredient is to dissolve dirt and grease without using water. Sometimes solvents are used in additional to water depending on the methods being used.

In addition to cleaning products a fabric or carpet guard is sometimes used as

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a stain repellent and may also contain dangerous chemicals. These products in most cases are solvent based as well.

During the cleaning process and for several hours after, carpet cleaning chemicals and protectants put off evaporating contaminants that can affect eyes, nose, lungs and can even cause vomiting. Long-term exposure can produce several different health problems as well.

Dry carpet shampoos and powders usually stick to carpet fibers and attract dirt. These type of cleaning products are solvent based. A residue is left behind which is supposed to be vacuumed to remove the excess cleaning chemical.


These powders and chemicals turn to dust and are easily inhaled by small children and pets. It is recommend that children and pets stay out of the house for at least 6 hours after the cleaning has taken place.

If steam-cleaning method is used make sure that the carpet is cleaned on a day the weather is dry and the carpet can dry within a couple hours. Over saturation and inadequate water removal can cause mold and spores to develop which is very difficult to remove once established.
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