Berber Carpet.

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Berber Carpet has an interesting history, and enjoys a popular present. Berber is essentially made of wool, although today it is available in other fibers. Apparently they are named after the bulky wool carpets made by the Native American tribes. While today’s carpets are machine driven, the ancestral ones were hand made. They are loopy in design and the looks vary from large bulky to slightly smaller ones. Today, they are some of the most wanted types of carpet. They are available in one piece, also in the popular Berger carpet tiles that make replacement and repair a whole lot easier.

Berger carpet originally came in off-white colors, and can now be found in various hues and

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shades. They consist of a range of fibers used to make these carpets, varying from the traditional wool, nylon and olefin. The combination of nylon and olefin is another material available to the customers. The most appealing factor of Berger carpets is the durability. Berger carpet cleaning is also a cinch on a day to day basis because it is mostly resistant to the vacuum cleaner marks. However, this might not be so easy to do when a major cleaning needs to be undertaken. Olefin material is supposed to be most resistant to satins, but even that has to be cleaned every once in a while. Best thing to do, is to have a professional do it…there are plenty out there.

Cleaning, rich


history and other things put aside, Berger carpets are available for both the corporate decorators as well as people who are into designing and redesigning their homes. It is important to decide where the carpet is going to used, what kind of investment a person is willing to make on the maintenance aspect, the décor that a carpet needs to be incorporated into and contribute to and finally the initial budget. Last but not the least, one needs to have an itch for shopping.

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