8 Examples of the Modern Day Carpet Sweeper

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Does anyone remember the days of the Fuller Brush man or woman and the magic carpet sweeper they went door to door trying to sell? Well I must admit it wasn't quite what it was cracked up to be. But meet the modern carpet sweeper which is definitely an excellent household tool. Here are 8 excellent examples of the modern day carpet sweeper!

The Housekeeper's Carpet Sweeper

Hammer Schlemmer offers the Housekeeper's Carpet Sweeper which is rather unique from other carpet sweepers because the rotary brushes are mounted side ways making it more effective at picking up quite a variety of debris. No this one doesn't just spread it around so you can no longer see it. It effectively picks up the debris and it also works great along wall edges. Works well on flat carpet, plush carpet, short pile carpet, and even on the bathroom floor.

Orek Hoky Carpet Sweeper

Now that's a name to remember Orek Hoky [no that's not hokey]. This compact carpet sweeper has the patented Rotoblade wiper which will pick up both wet and dry debris and it works on a carpet surface or a tile or linoleum surface. It even works on brick, concrete, and vinyl. It's the perfect choice for homes, hotels, churches, schools, and clubs.

Oreck Restaurateur PR3200 Carpet Sweeper

If you think you need more than the Orek Hoky then you need to check out the commercial model. With all the features of the Hoky it's just a little bit sturdier and larger for those bigger jobs. The extra long aluminum handle makes it easier to reach under tables and

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around corners. It has side brushes on all four corners as well as the patented Rotoblade so there is no debris too tough for it. Pick up pins, paperclips, cigarette butts, food, and even sand.

Rubermaid Dual Action Carpet Sweeper

This carpet sweeper is ready for most any job you can throw it's way. The natural boar brush makes picking up debris of various sizes easy and it has two dual canisters so holds plenty and easy to empty. Use it on carpet, tile, linoleum, or even concrete.

The One Sweep Carpet Sweeper

I'm not sure carpet sweeper is the correct term for this gem but it certainly works well as a carpet sweeper. The rubble bristles dig in and grab that debris while at the same time no scuffing or scratching occurs so perfect for wood floors. Onesweep claims to be scientifically engineered and to be the most advanced broom style carpet sweeper on the market. It definitely is a durable gem and it definitely picks up that debris. Only problem is it has no built in debris canister so you'll need to have a dust pan handy.

The Shark Cordless Sweeper

The Shark carpet sweeper offers motorized brushes which roll and lift debris off of carpet, tile, linoleum, hardwood floors, and even walls. Comes with a removable dust pan so easy and tidy to clean. Works on a rechargeable system that's good for 60 minutes of use. Easy to keep charged and ready to use at anytime. Lightweight and compact.

The Bissel Manual Carpet Sweeper

Bissel a well known name in


the carpet sweeper market for decades still offers a lightweight manual carpet sweeper that's convenient to use. It ha a powerful brush that has a cross action motion so it picks up debris that might be embedded. The large wheels make it easy to move around and it has an easy to clean built in storage area for debris. Simple single motion empties it and it's ready for the next task you can throw its way.

The Casabella Compact Carpet Sweeper

Casabella takes a carpet sweeper to a new level creating sophisticated lines, color, and design to fit your decor. Nothing like a decor! Carpet sweeper. It's an all metal design but it has a plastic bumper so you won't scuff or scratch furniture. It's manually operated so you don't have to worry about cords or recharging it. Just grab and use.

If these 8 examples of the modern day carpet sweeper don't tickle your fancy a quick search on line will reveal plenty of other choices. Gone are the days of the fancy broom, these new carpet sweepers are a handy tool to have!


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